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OK; now how do you REALLY find car insurance at a low price?

Low-priced car insurance is available but we have to be realistic. If you are a 55-year-old accountant with a Fiat Punto who has driven for 35 years and who lives in a quiet country village with zero crime you may well get extremely cheap car insurance provided that you are married, own your own house and lock the car up every night in your secure, centrally heated garage. If you are a young newly qualified driver under 21 with several motoring convictions, needing insurance for the first time for a souped up, modified hot hatchback, working part-time as a DJ and living in a crime ridden inner-city you may struggle to get insurance at all at any price. However, there are ways of getting the cheapest price possible even if no one in their wildest dreams would call this price actually 'low' but there are bargains to be had online if you know where to look.

How to find those cheap quotes

The first thing to do of course is get quotes from a price comparison site but even this can be dodgy because many of them are owned by insurers themselves and they are not likely to recommend policies provided by their competitors now are they? It may prove better to ignore the heavily advertised companies with posh Russian rodents or opera singing buffoons (and yes, you do pay for those television advertisements through the commission that these companies pocket for selling you a policy) and go for a completely independent company which can give you an unbiased comparison of policies not only from the bigger well-known insurers but also the smaller and more specialised companies that may well be able to offer better rates, particularly for those motorists who fall outside the normal specifications such as those with convictions, unusual vehicles, teenagers, over 60s and just about anyone who falls outside the ideal customer that so many insurance companies try to woo.

How to qualify for the lowest premiums

In the meanwhile you should try to keep your risk profile as low as possible by driving a fairly safe car, avoiding driving too much during the night and early morning, cutting the mileage that you cover at weekends, avoid giving lifts to chatty passengers, shunning drink-driving completely and keeping your car well maintained and up to date. Never accept a renewal proposal automatically (the odds are you will find a cheaper price somewhere), keep the insurer informed of any changes to your circumstances (if you don't you can give the more unscrupulous ones an excuse not to pay out on a claim) and try if you can to pay out the full premium in advance, bearing in mind that monthly payments can work out far more expensive for you as the insurers load charges, commissions and any other extras they can dream up onto your premium.

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